Ian Watts Photography and Digital Art - Creativity


Ian Watts Photography and Digital Art - Creativity

Creativity isn't just something that a few people are born with - it is like a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it gets. How are you using yours?

Seriously, that is a real question. What are you doing, today, to develop and build your creativity? If like I was the first time I heard this you are now spluttering and trying to come up with an answer.

Ian Watts Photography and Digital Art - Creativity
A composition of various photagraphic elements and textures

Creativity Everyday?

OK, so realistically you aren't going to be creative every day. But you can create something. It might not be your best work, but you can create. The more that you sit down and create something, the more likely you are to find that spot when creativity is oozing out of you.

This doesn't just apply to photography or art. It applies to writing, blogging, making music. Whatever is your thing, if you want to be creative, you need to be creating.

Creativity as an abundant life

I have to mention someone who I have learnt so much from about creativity. His name is Sebastien Michaels, and he is an artist and mentor to thousands of students. He doesn't just talk about art and photography, but he talks specifically about living a Creatively Abundant Life (There is a link to his course here). I highly recommend this, whatever your creative outlet. Don't be put off thinking it's just another sales pitch. This guy makes sense, and you really can change your life.

So what follows is a number of articles about this topic. Looking at creativity from a number of angles will really make you think. Engage with it. As an example one of the things that I do now is write a journal. I've never been that sort of person, yet I now find it completely liberating. Be open minded, try something new, and you might just be surprised.

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