Ian Watts is passionate about photography and digital art. Ever since he first picked up a camera and went beyond Auto mode something creative clicked on in him.

Ian has spent the last 5 years out of work due to ill health, and Photography and Digital Art have become like a therapy to him. He has also discovered a love of writing (don't tell his old English Teacher - he will laugh) and enjoys writing about the soft subjects around photography and art. Creativity and Vision are two of his major loves, as a lack of these for years kept him in a job that offered little satisfaction. Now he is able to define himself as a Photographer and Digital Artist without having to apologise for it.

He now wants to help others, through this blog, find motivation and identity through discovering their creative side, and understanding that it can be life changing. He is passionate about art, about life, and about technology, and most of all about his family.

He also dislikes  writing in the third person (so this is the last of it you will see)


Ian Watts


Ian Watts Photography and Digital Art

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