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Ian Watts Photography and Art - Photography

These days everyone seems to be involved in photography in some way or another. Social media and tiny cameras on our phones mean that everyone can share their photographs. There are even people who make a substantial income from artistic fine art pieces created solely on a phone or tablet.

Types of Photography

Of course, for some people, photography is a profession - Portrait, Architectural, Commercial Photography; the list goes on. And for others, their life is spent in the creation of artistic pieces that others may want to buy.

An in-between are hobbyist photographers at all levels. Indeed amateur photographers can be as good or even better than professional photographers. Remember, the word Professional simply means you get paid to do it.

Do you take photographs -  then you are a photographer!

Ian Watts Photography and Digital Art - Photography
A beautiful country park and wildlife conservation area in Newcastle Under Lyme
So don't define yourself as an aspiring photographer. If you take photographs, then you are a photographer.Nothing more is needed. Of course what you may be aspiring to is making money out of photography - a whole new ball game (read more here)

I first became interested in photography during the latter stages of my career as a teacher. I was becoming increasingly dissatisfied with a job - I like to think a creative monster was waiting to break out. Eventually I became ill and photography became a form of therapy. It's interesting actually when you get talking to people how many found themselves on a similar journey. For me it was the solitude as I became one with my subject. It was usually a landscape, sometimes a macro, rarely another person, as I valued that solitude. For me it was always about art - creating art that I enjoy (you can read more about that here).

The following is a selection of posts about photography in a variety of ways. Some may be more technical, some more analytical, some simply reflections on a group of photographs.

So read and enjoy, and leave me a comment or two to let me know what you think.